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We are pioneers in the production of Robusta coffee in Nicaragua—creating a whole new industry in the country.

The production of Robusta coffee in Nicaragua was a dream that turned into a reality for Mercon—all thanks to the ideal farming conditions found in Nueva Guinea. It was over a decade ago that we started the journey of developing our own Robusta coffee plantations and introducing this new product to farmers.

“Robusta is lifting our communities, coffee moves everything.”

Rafael Luis Rugama
Las Peñitas Farm

By expanding our plantations and providing technical assistance and financing to other producers, we’ve created thousands of jobs in Nicaragua. This alone has boosted the local economy as a whole and allowed us to focus on improving education and the environmental care of the industry, generating long term value for all while leaving a positive impact for generations to come.

We are proud to offer the world exceptional high quality Robusta coffee from Nicaragua.

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    We do not share your personal information Privacy Policy.