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Mercon is committed to finding the most passionate, committed, and outstanding producers in regions that are known for exceptional coffee. Our export operations are in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Vietnam.

We are devoted to continuously reducing the environmental impact of our operations—which is why we’ve worked hand in hand with our producers for over sixty-five years to guarantee that we consistently source the right quality coffee that generates long-term value and benefits for everyone in the supply chain. That means that from the planting stage to the final delivery, our product is not only the right quality—but is also made with the best social, environmental, and agricultural effects in mind.

We truly believe in developing lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with our producers—which is why we offer the tools they need to grow hand in hand with us. These include*:

Long and short-term financing

Sustainable plantation solutions

Value-fixed transactions

Market information

Dry and wet milling services

* These service capabilities may vary in each of our operations.


Export Companies

Mercon Brazil

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world. We began operations here in 2012, and our office is based in Varginha, Mina Gerais. Through the years, we have developed direct farmer sourcing capabilities throughout all the coffee regions of Brazil. Today, we’re proud to work alongside coffee producers all over Brazil to offer unique and specialized coffees for all.

Mercon Guatemala

Our office in Guatemala is strategically located in the commercial and financial area of Guatemala City and we also have procurement facilities in the areas of Huehuetenango,Coatepeque, Palencia, Jalapa and Esquipulas — to name a few . Here, we are growing our direct small farmer supply chains in the best quality producing areas. We work closely with local producers to promote sustainable development and ultimately offer the most unique and native product possible.

Mercon Honduras

Our Honduras office opened in 2000. Since then, it has been focused on providing consistent, high-quality Honduran coffees. Through our sustainable production program, we have been able to grow hand in hand with our producers, allowing us to provide exquisite and ethically sourced beans from this Central American country.

CISA Exportadora

Our operations in Nicaragua are led by CISA Exportadora, the largest coffee export company in the country. We began operations in 1952 and offer a wide range of services including over 130 coffee collection centers throughout the country, three Arabica coffee mills and the first Robusta mill in the country. Over the years, we have grown our network of coffee producers to over 6,000 farmers— proving a fully integrated supply chain. Our investments in high quality production has allowed us to have an active involvement in the premium Arabica and Robusta markets.

Mercafe Vietnam

Housing our export operations and green coffee processing since 2005, Mercafe focuses on providing first-class Robusta and Arabica coffee while incorporating sustainable production practices.

We truly believe in developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our producers.

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