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As a group, it’s important that our corporate governance is always aligned. Our leadership team is comprised of a Board of Directors who are responsible for the strategic decision-making of the group. Our Board has five members, all with extensive experience inside and out of the industry. They take on decisions that guide expansion, enhance profitability, and the annual budget.

The Board is also responsible for establishing the operational framework of the group, with the goal of delivering on expected results while maintaining a high standard of ethics. Transparent management is a pillar of our company, and our Code of Ethics includes our policies and guidelines that formalize that commitment.

We hold our employees to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, according to the following principles:

  • Conflict of interest and business integrity

  • Use of company assets

  • Relationships with suppliers

  • Ethical personnel recruitment

  • Confidential information

  • Ethical behavior

  • Human rights

  • Process to report any breach of the Code of Ethics

Our financial status is transparently audited every year by an independent auditing and consulting firm.

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